Our Projects

Nutcracker Wishes

Since 2016, 5,483 children have received gifts through this annual fund drive. Based on need, local inner-city schools are chosen as recipients.  Funds go toward giving each child at the school a gift bag, personalized as much as possible. Items in the bag include items like blankets, towels, hats/gloves, books, hygiene items, small toys, and more as funds allow. Gifts are hand-delivered to students following an in-school performance of The Nutcracker.  Additional gifts are given to students throughout the school year as needs are identified.

Weekly Dance Instruction

DDF supports local teachers in various programs throughout the city including weekly dance instruction at John Burrough’s Elementary to all 3rd and 4th graders. This instruction includes performing in The Nutcracker performance with costuming and transportation from the home school to the performance venue. Donated funds compensate provide supplies, costuming, and transportation for the students and families involved. Over 350 children have received personalized dance instruction through this endeavor.

Movement Mission

An annual dance concert benefiting melanoma research in the name of Bonnie J Lavric, beloved teacher, mother, wife, and friend. This annual concert showcases local dance companies and individual soloists coming together to dance through the pain, love, and joy of the cancer journey. 100% of funds donated go directly to The James and the Melonoma Research Foundation in the name of Bonnie.